How to get my life back on track

Want to know how to get your life back on track? Then watch todays episode to help you get started, getting your life back on track. And don't Allow Your Life To Be Controlled By These 5 Things. "Many people spend their life, at the mercy of circumstances. Living at the mercy of what happens to them. Living at the mercy of other people. NOT living in the present, because they are stuck in the prison of their past." If you want to get your life back on track, don’t allow yourself to be controlled by any of these things: 0:00 Start 01:00 Intro 01:28 Your PAST 02:42 Other peoples opinions and judgements 03:49 LIMITED BELIEFS you project on yourself 05:44 Relationships 06:55 MONEY Speakers: Josiah Ruff Need some Start fresh in life? What If You Could Start Over and fresh? Start your life Fresh today, and reboot your life. If your ready to evolve your life and start your journey to a change in your life. Start your journey with us today. 👨🏻‍⚕️ If you're struggling and having a hard time, consider taking an online therapy session with me: https://fearless-wolf-life-coaching.b... Check out our channel for more about life coach, life coaching, and confidence-building: Life Coaching is a process designed to help you come to a greater understanding of yourself, learn effective coping strategies, examine beliefs and ways of thinking about the world, reflect on patterns of behaviour, increase personal confidence, and become more aware of the needs of others. Life coaching can lead to better relationships, better progress toward goals, solutions to specific problems, and reductions in feelings of distress. Our websites: https://fearless-wolf-life-coaching.b... #lifeontrack #newlife #okisnotok


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