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Empowering vs. Enabling

Empowering vs. Enabling: What amount of love does it take to say 'No,' to set boundaries and allow for people to learn from the natural consequences of their actions? Enough to fill an Olympic stadium. Hard to sit back and watch someone you love self-destruct before your eyes; especially if it is your child, regardless of age. The parents of a mid-20's man find themselves in that unenviable position. This intelligent, creative and loving young man is also, at times at the mercy of various mental health diagnoses including ADHD and OCD. He has been in treatment, but is not always compliant with recommendations and is lax about keeping appointments. His parents and significant other are at their wits' end in terms of how to successfully intervene as his choices and behaviors impact on them. While his intentions may be solid, his follow through is not. They question how they can demonstrate concern without crippling him. This situation is still unfolding. A familiar story…

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