Truth About Spiritual warfare

by Ess-Jee Rautenbach

In the Christian culture we live in today it seems that we are a bit confused on what we need to do in our battle with our adversary the devil. Some teach that you got to fight darkness and the other says that demons and the devil got extinct with the dinosaurs. There are so many conclusions on what our responsibility is and what is Gods responsibility and where does the devil fit in, in all this.

In this article I will try to show you the right way to battle the enemy and the wrong way. What is the truth around spiritual warfare and how to really have an affect in the spiritual realm? Did you ever come to a point that you ask yourself,”Why am I doing what I am doing”. I have heard numerous people saying that they must pray more, vast more, and then God will move for me in my situation. Is that true, can Gods arm be turned by us reciting prayers to Him?

To start of we must start by the right foundation. That is where I will start; the foundation of Jesus. Do you know what Jesus did for you on the Cross? Do you fully understand the Impact of Gods sacrifice for you and me? Was Gods sacrifice through His son Jesus by any means half measure? Or did He accomplish what He send His son to do for us. The sacrifice Jesus made for us was no half measure. Jesus accomplished here on earth what GOD has sent Him to do. You can say that it was mission accomplished. What did God accomplish?

God’s primary reason for sacrificing His son was to get rid of sin and the partition wall that divided us from Him. When God dealt with the sin issues He dealt with satan and HIS SPIRITS ASWELL. Many believe that Jesus came primarily to defeat satan. That is not true, that was His secondary objective. When God reconciled us through the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus He defeated satan as well. So to summarize this quickly. Jesus defeated sin on the cross. He took away the partition wall between us and God, so that we can have access to the Father. Jesus also got victory over satan and his spirits.

So where does that leave us? We stand in Victory with Christ. (Col 213 -15) Victory is a bi-product of us living in Gods truth. We are saved because we are set free from our sin nature. The Bible does not tell us to fight the Devil. How can you fight something that is already defeated? The Bible tells us to STAND IN Christ. The battle is the Lords. The bible tells us that we do not fight the enemy. We walk underneath the authority of Jesus Christ by doing what He has called us to do. All you do is Stand and endure and God will secure. The believer who does the will of God must learn How to Stand. (Eph 6;13-14)

Authority is in relationship with the Father, not in method. Prayer is prompted out of the relationship you have with the father. When you have authority, all you need to do is Stand. You maintain your faith in God and His word. The closer you grow to God, the closer He grows to you. Our faith needs to be God and obedience centered. Not man or method centered. The devil hates it when we get the courage to Stand no matter what, because he knows that if he can not get you to quit he can not do anything.

You resist the enemy by submitting yourself to God. We pray to the Father and then we act in faith and obedience. We gird our loins and we just stand, eventually our stand will outlast the enemy. Faith is basically that you have decided not to move from the stand you have made, until your get your promise fulfilled. To stand for something you will need courage, when everybody else runs you will need the guts to hold your position. To resist the adversary means to say no to his ways and solutions. It means not to give in to him.

When the enemy tries to tempt you, you say no.
When the enemy lies to you, you ignore his lies.
You resist the enemy by being steadfast in faith.

When we can understand that our stand is in Christ, then the victory He has already accomplished for us can manifest it self in our daily lives. It is not about us but it is all about God. God is sovereign (Rev 19:6). Make your stand today and buy into the victory God has already given us 2000 years ago.


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