A Wolf among sheep

A Wolf Among Sheep

They said I’d never get to this point, but here I stand
They warned that success is unlikely, that victory is improbable, and maybe so, but if this was for everyone, I wouldn’t want it
They pointed to their own limitations and proclaimed them to be mine
But that’s the thing about limits; they’ll exist wherever you place them, and I have placed mine behind me
Human beings make things unnecessarily complicated
Instead of drawing a direct line from point A to point B, we create 100 reasons why it’s too hard, too tough
We construct distractions
There is no hard, there is no easy
There is the goal, the price that must be paid, and the eyes observing from a distance, wondering just maybe, if they could do the same
The saying goes that a wolf need not concern himself with the opinions of sheep
That those who watch and admire are often the first to throw stones, to criticize, to condemn
Listening to them contradicts the very thing that gives the wolf its power, its strength
His ascent is threatening not because he is like everyone else, but because he dares to be different
There will be a point when the mountains tower over you, the oceans obstruct your way, and the masses tell you no
Right now is not a decision that involves debate
This is no democracy, this is a promise unfolding before you’re very eyes
This is truth, the new reality
Its about embracing what makes you different, not hiding from it
I’m fighting for serparation, walking into what most avoid, in pursuit of a return that most can only dream of
And as far as I’m concerned you can either do the same or spend your life criticizing and wishing that you did
Sheep stay within the confines of what they know, angry at that those who left, who wanted more, yet angrier at themselves for staying right where they are
This is all we get; one rodeo
One opportunity
So before you make your next move, look hard at your reflection and ask yourself, “Are you a wolf, or a sheep?”
Live accordingly


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